Lets Grow With Flame Of Education

Education is much more than learning. It’s soul searching exercise committed towards excellence. A child is born with immense potentialities. We believe that the finest education of a child comes from the understanding of the real world that he or she lives in. Our focus is to should every child in such a way where , they can get the quality education in which the child is centre of every learning acivity.

We believe in “ Learning by doing” while learning is pleasure. Our aim is to should a child to be society committed and globally competent with the applicable knowledge to empower students with the ability to transfer knowledge in to action.

Ankleshwar Public School


Ankleshwar Human Aid Trust Foundation

Ankleshwar Human Aid Trust Foundation was established in the year of 2005. The trust is established with the higher goal to do various useful activities foor society.

This trust is running an English medium school namely Ankleshwar Public School since 2006 to provide quality education with minimal fees to the deprived children, who were less fortunate to get the opportunity of studying in a good school either due to the high fees or due to lack of money. This trust is running school with the high vision to provide further education in the future.

We assure you to incultate the hidden knowledge of your child to make them self reliant.

Ankleshwar Public School
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